Karate helps relieve stress for moving couple in latest Geico spot

The stress of moving can lead to interesting ways of relieving frustration, or so that's the concept of Geico's latest spot.

The ad, by the Martin Agency, is part of a new campaign by the insurance company called 'Get to Know Geico,' which features its homeowners insurance products rather than its usual auto insurance push.

In the spot titled 'Karate,' a middle aged couple is seen in their front yard. The wife places logs on a stump while her wiry, sweater-vested husband effortlessly splits the logs barehanded with a karate chop. A neighbor then cycles up in his recumbent bike, asking if the couple is OK. They announce that they are about to move and that karate helps with stress relief, as the husband does a wickedly awkward downward kick.

The neighbor assures that at least the insurance process will be a non stressor for them, as Geico homeowners insurance is easy and helpful. The couple then nonchalantly breaks through their home's walls to make the call to the insurance provider.

The 'Get to Know Geico' effort is the latest in its drive to bring its homeowners insurance to the public. The previous effort was a pre-roll push that kept interrupting itself. See the latest spot by clicking the Creative Works box below.

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