By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

March 14, 2018 | 2 min read

Magners is helping St Patrick's Day revelers take a bash at social snakes with a website that sends out automated Irish pranks to smartphone users.

Playing on the old tale that St Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland, the cider brand looked to help the public call out friends they deem to be snakes with a neat website update.

The service will ask the phone number of the prank victim, before sending out an automated tirade of Irish-themed banter from a gruff voice befitting of the Emerald Isle. It will spout sentences like "Your mate has told us you’ve been displaying some snakey behaviour lately," and "Wise up now, stop being a snake."

It will also target those with a habit of dodging drink rounds. The work looks to "name and shame some slithery characters."

Janette Murray, marketing manager at Magners UK, said: “Magners 100% Irish Cider is all about fun – as is our snake banishing service. Everyone knows a snake or two and our service has been created to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, bringing life to the legend with a 2018 twist.

“We’d encourage people all around the UK to try out our snake banishing service for the craic.”

The service will be available from Friday here.

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