Netflix swears it is staying clear of sports livestreaming and feature advertising on its platform

Netflix promises to steer clear of sports livestream and feature advertising

Netflix has pledged that it will never carry livestreaming in sports and feature advertising on its platform, unlike Facebook and Amazon.

Instead, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said the company wants to focus on creating original content for Netflix and plans to invest around $8 billion in 2018 to gear up against the likes of Amazon, Hulu and Disney (as it acquired Fox).

At the Netflix Labs Day event, Hastings said: "To follow a competitor? Never, never, never. We have so much we want to do in our area, so we're not trying to copy others... There's lots of things we don't do. We don't do news, we don't do sports. But what we do do, we try to do really well."

Amazon has continued to bet on live TV and sports with various partnerships.

According to Engadget, Hasting further emphasised on how Netflix consumers are never going to see ads on a Netflix product, despite the potential for lower prices and creating more revenue.

Netflix also announced that it will introduce 30-seconds mobile previews with vertical video in April.

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