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Absolut Vodka assesses Brits' reactions to its cheeky 'Nothing to Hide' campaign

Absolut Vodka goes for full exposure in Nothing to Hide campaign

Havas Village has alighted on an unlikely marriage between Absolut Vodka and naked Swedes for its latest campaign work for Pernod Ricard, turning heads with middle aged moobs in the process.

More than it first appears, the online campaign harnesses facial recognition technology to ‘test’ viewers' responsiveness to the wobbly bits of vodka enthusiasts in a light-hearted experiment to see whether you are conservative or open-minded.

Havas explained “As part of an on-going customer engagement strategy for Absolut Vodka, the Havas Village has created an interesting spin on BBH's current Nothing To Hide campaign.

"We have taken the campaign film, which shows real Absolut staff explaining the vodka-making process while completely naked, and applied facial recognition technology so that users can test how sensitive they are to nudity. Conservative like the Brits, or open-minded like the Swedes!

“The tongue in cheek element of the campaign highlights a core value for Absolut: their high-quality and sustainable approach to making vodka, which is totally transparent. Viewers are asked to opt in to the facial recognition aspect of the activity, which uses their computer’s camera to film their reaction to the video as it plays.”

The online campaign is supported by paid-for material on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Absolut Vodka's latest stunt follows the production of a limited bottle line depicting the messaging and aesthetic of prominent politicians.

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