'Far beyond a conventional business consultancy': WPP AUNZ creates new consulting practice

WPP AUNZ has created WPP AUNZ Consulting, a strategy consulting division to advise clients and help them make better business decisions.

The division will be helmed by Caspar Wright, managing partner at Kantar Vermeer for Australia and New Zealand, and will use consumer research and data analytics to help clients gain deeper consumer and market understanding.

“This a strategic move to help clients focus on where to play and how to win in a fast-paced business environment,” said Mike Connaghan, chief executive of WPP AUNZ.

“And we believe WPP AUNZ is best placed to give this advice because we are expert marketers that can provide clients from a wide range of industries the clarity and resolute decisions they require.”

The move by WPP comes after management consultancies, publishers and technology firms have started moved in to the traditional agencies' space by starting to offer digital marketing and advertising services to their clients in Asia Pacific

In February, the group reported a better than expected profit of $125m, up 3.1% year on year and higher than it had predicted last October.