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Knorr encourages Chinese kids to spend time with their family during festivals

Unilever's Knorr, in its latest film, encourages people to show their love towards their family by spending time with them instead of buying presents for them.

The campaign "Great Taste is an Universal Love Language”(爱的表达不尽相同,美味让彼此世界相通), conceptualised by MullenLowe Group China, features a daughter visiting her parents for Chinese New Year.

She tries to impress her mother with the gifts she bought only to find that her mother is not very interested in them. The daughter then decides to help her mother in cooking the food and puts the Knorr stock cubes in it. The family then happily eats the dinner together.

Joyce Zhou, marketing director of Unilever China, said: “The campaign aims to strengthen the bonding between the brand and its customers through conveying an emotionally powerful message from a heartwarming TVC in China during this special family season.”

Richard Tan, chief executive officer of MullenLowe Group China said: “For many Chinese, family reunion is the most important aspect during Chinese New Year. It is a time for coming together and strengthening relationships with loved ones. But in the Chinese world, love towards parents is deep and rich, yet restrained. Adults express their love by visiting their parents or buying them gifts, but few will express real love.

"This Chinese New Year, we together with Knorr, decided to go in search for a new meaning of family, presented through a warm story of a reunion- actually, connecting consumers to what matters most has always been at the centre of what we do at MullenLowe Group.”

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