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Apple commissions Spike Jonze to film idiosyncratic HomePod ad

Apple has turned to renowned film and music video director Spike Jonze to devise something special for its latest HomePod smart speaker campaign, a four-minute piece which delivers the goods without ever actually mentioning the product in question.

Ostensibly conceived to prompt consumers to rush out and purchase HomePods, the advert purposefully downplays the smart speakers, lingering on the product for only two shots, in order to let the music sing through on its own.

No stranger to music shorts, Jonze gets his beat on by enlisting English singer, songwriter and dancer FKA Twigs to strut her stuff against an increasingly psychedelic world of music, namely Til It’s Over by Anderson .Paak, that engulfs her humdrum world.

HomePod – Welcome Home, owes more to Jonze’s music video heritage than traditional advertising and is none the poorer for it.

The smart speaker market is becoming increasingly congested with a host of similar gadgets all competing for attention amid criticism that Apple's offering is locked to Apple Music.

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