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Stodge Podge 2018 in pictures: are you featured in our gallery?

This year's Stodge Podge was held at the Manchester branch of Harvey Nichols

The annual Stodge Podge lunch took place in Manchester on Friday, bringing together the creative industry's great and good for one afternoon only to wine, dine and chat.

In keeping with tradition, the event was themed, with this year's Stodge Podge honouring the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi magnum opus 2001: A Space Odyssey by marking the history of technological development, from prehistory to 2001.

Although the eternal question – whether Kubrick would have tucked in to the post-dinner fish and chips with quite as much gusto as the North's finest creative minds – must go as unanswered, The Drum is assured that this year's event was a success.

Although at least one member of The Drum team was prevented from attending person by the Beast From The East, as these pictures from the day courtesy of Liz Henson Photography show, the event wasn't spoiled by the stormy weather outside.

Podgefather Phil Jones admired this museum piece

Before long, the drink began to flow

But everyone soon got down to business (well, dinner)

Some of you managed to remain focused on the technological theme

Though most turned up for the company (and the booze)

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