Nokia gives nostalgic nod to 3310 in 'reliable' friendship film

Nokia nods to 3310

Nokia snakes back into the smartphone world with the launch of it’s new ‘reliable’ phone. The campaign illustrates the launch with a story of two friends who have always depended on one another, and their phones.

The campaign opens to one of the duo playing the cult-classic game Snake before calling his friend on his Nokia 3310 to save him from the school bullies. It then continues with the same note as the same character later gets stranded in the middle of nowhere when his car breaks down, gets dumped on a date and forgets his suit on his wedding day, with the hero character coming to his rescue each time.

The ad ends with that same hero character then relying on his friend when he needs a lift to the hospital for the birth of his son, with the now-trio taking a snap on their phone to celebrate.

Created by Mother, the short film highlights the similarities the phone has to the fan favourite 3310 as it shows off its long battery life, ability to withstand heavy rain and even being dropped from a height onto concrete without smashing.

To view the spot, please click on the Creative Works box below.

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