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Nest launches camera doorbell with prom night spot that shows a teachable moment

When Google bought smart thermostat company Nest in 2014 for $3.2bn, it most likely imagined that the company would expand its product offerings and be a leader in home technology. A new spot for the Nest video camera doorbell shows that the company is committed to keeping families connected through technology.

To launch the brand’s newest product ‘Hello,’ a video camera doorbell, Nest will be debuting a 30-second spot titled ‘Prom Night.’ In the spot, we see a high school girl going to the door to pick up her date. The tuxedoed boy then turns as we hear his father giving him some advice. He tells the boy to treat his date with respect and not to “assume being her date means anything more than that.” The boy, understanding the advice, is then seen on a camera phone, as shots dart from the phone to the Nest Hello camera, to the boy’s father who is at work at a hospital and is talking to his son remotely through the camera doorbell.

The spot taps into the topic of how men treat women in society and becomes a story about a parent teaching a teenager how to treat women and others with respect, a value that begins at home.

There are obviously other uses for a camera doorbell, including home safety, anti-package theft and being a replacement for a peephole, but this spot was able to show a teachable moment while displaying the new technology of the device.

The spot by Deutsch will debut during the Oscars telecast on ABC on Sunday, March 4.

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