US Creative Work of the Week: Callaway tracks a golf ball from factory to tee

Callaway video shows the making of its Chrome Soft ball

Golf company Callaway wanted to take a different approach to how it told the story of its new Chrome Soft golf ball. Rather than use a known pro as a spokesperson, it instead used the pride of its workers in a detailed video showing the making of the ball, from the raw materials through to the finished product on the tee.

The spot was developed with Flowmotion technology with agency the Kimba Group out of LA, which works with the golf company on its unique marketing efforts. The 81-second film follows the ball through nearly every step of the manufacturing process.

Appearing as a single shot, it starts at the front of the Callaway manufacturing plant in Chicopee, Massachusetts, then takes dizzying turns through each step of the process, from the bright pink core to the shine of the shell, into the packaging and shipped to the store. We then see from the ball’s perspective getting picked up by a golfer before heading to the tee and flying with the ball in the air. It’s an amazing bit of non-verbal storytelling, and one that took many man hours to put together.

For its mesmerizing view of the process, and its unique point of view, our readers voted it the US Creative Work of the Week. See the film by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

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