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Google announces Carrier program and expansion plans for Assistant

Google announces Carrier program and expansion plans for Assistant / Google

Google has announced that Google Assistant, already available in eight languages, will be made available in more than 30 languages by the end of the year.

Google also plans to make Assistant multilingual later this year which will allow it to understand the users in multiple languages fluently. Google will bring the Assistant to Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish and Thai on Android phones and iPhones, and will add more languages on more devices throughout the year.

Google is further working closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to bring all the capabilities of the Assistant to life on Android phones. Google will further have new integrations from LG, Sony Mobile and Xiaomi.

The Assistant Carrier program will help mobile carriers use capabilities in the Assistant to give their customers more insight and control over their service. This includes helping people learn more about their plan, add new services (like international data roaming) and get customer support.

Nick Fox, vice president of product, Google said: "This year, we’re bringing these efforts together as the Assistant Mobile OEM program, which will enable OEMs to build deeper integrations between the Assistant and device features, using natural language understanding and the conversational interfaces of the Assistant.

"We’ve already been working with OEMs for more than a year and continue to work together so they can build device-specific commands with the Assistant, develop integration with hardware-based AI chips, ensure “Ok Google" and "Hey Google" work when the screen is off, and build other custom integrations."

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