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New York Times print ad names and shames NRA-funded politicians

Gun control ad in the New York Times

Gun control groups have run a striking two-page print ad in The New York Times to share with the US public the lawmakers who accept NRA donations, just days after a mass school shooting in Florida.

The ad was funded by the Everytown for Gun Safety and Mom's Demand Action for Gun Sense. It ran in Wednesday’s New York Times, naming politicians who have received NRA donations. It comes a week after the Parkland shooting in which 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School died.

While many of the students who were on the scene have become prominent voices in the gun control movement, the ad helps apply pressure to the politicians who are unlikely to have gun control on their agendas.

The ad reads: “We’re Children. You guys are the adults… get something done.”

It featured an image of the Parkland students marching on Washington in protest of current laws.

Adweek reports that comms agency SKDK helped develop the campaign. The ad cost just shy of a quarter of a million dollars and features the names of 100 politicians in addition to their phone numbers and the amount of money they received from the NRA.

It also states: “These members of Congress take NRA money, but refuse to take action to pass gun safety legislation.”

There was a significant social media call to action rallied around the print ad showing the unique way in which the platforms can interact.

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