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Ad of the Day: Mastercard hopes to 'Start Something Priceless' with music fueled ad

Mastercard hopes to 'Start Something Priceless' with music fueled ad

Mastercard has released an emotional advert in the lead up to the Brits about the power music can have in a relationship.

The 'Start Something Priceless' campaign opens to "six real people" explaining the problems they have in their relationships before being sat opposite one another to listen to a song specially composed by 2012 Olympic music director, David Arnold. To begin the duos are separated by a pane of glass, however as the song plays the glass gradually lifts to allow the people to embrace one another.

Chad Warner, creative director at McCann London who worked on the campaign, said: “Our aim was to give these relationships a chance to completely start again. To strip away all the junk that’s getting in the way – pride, history, even words – and let music do its magic.

I love the simplicity of 2 people in a room with no distractions, silently fighting for something. Each in a safe space, but also completely uncomfortable as they’re so squarely confronted with each other at the same time.“

One duo, a mother and daughter, explained how over the years they have lost all sense of a relationship due to the mother's ongoing illness. Before they sit down across from one another, the mother says: “I don’t know whether she resents me. Up until the point that we don’t talk and we don’t have a relationship. And I miss her very much.”

As the music starts to play and they look across at each other, the young girl bursts into tears and the pair embrace one another, with the mother explaining: “I haven’t really looked into her eyes since she was small.”

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