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E! Network does some queen-sized trolling of the President in promos for 'The Royals'


By Bennett Bennett | Staff writer

February 19, 2018 | 2 min read

E! Network teamed up with L.A. agency Mistress to create a special President's Day promo for its television drama “The Royals.”

The promo, featuring Elizabeth Hurley who plays matriarch Queen Helena, play off of the topic du jour in the media — fake news.

Helena sits in a dining room, tossing out stories that she deems as “definitely not true,” like his hands being too small to turn the doorknob of Buckingham Palace, or that residue of his spray tan forced the royal family to replace their bedsheets.

She then tosses out her stack of tabloids, and the jokes get a little more serious. Like the temper tantrum on her face appearing on money, his direct message to her on Twitter to ask if the English Channel 'has good ratings,' or his belief that the Mexicans paid for Stonehenge.

"Don't share these stories with everyone you know," she finishes dryly, "After all, that's how rumours get started."

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The promo follows a Valentines’ Day spot where Hurley recieves gifts from a who’s-who of A-listers, including a basket of orange-dyed snacks “from Washington, D.C.”, a Beyonce-like crown from 'America’s Queen' —"I didn’t know America had a queen", she retorts — and keys to a brand new car, from “O.”

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