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Creative Director's Choice: Tosh Hall of Jones Knowles Ritchie buzzes on Bumble Bizz's billboards in NYC


By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

February 15, 2018 | 4 min read

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Bumble Bizz in NYC

Bumble Bizz OOH in New York City

This week, Tosh Hall, global executive creative director at Jones Knowles Ritchie, gives a nod to the New York outdoor campaign for professional networking app Bumble Bizz. The campaign, by Preacher, also took over billboards, buses and buildings in other cities around the US.

Tosh Hall JKR

As I first tried to recall a piece of recent work that resonated with me, nothing came to mind. The reason being, I live in Manhattan and am bombarded with advertising and branding all day long, particularly on my walk to work from my home in Noho to Soho where our office is. The reality is, most of what I see doesn’t cut through.

Recently though, one thing did catch my attention: the Bumble Bizz billboard on Lafayette and Bleeker. Their campaign features catchy and compelling copy to highlight the app’s competitive advantage over other networking apps and platforms; their advantage of course being that Bumble Bizz is following in the footsteps of its precursor Bumble, a dating app that is based on and driven by female empowerment.

In short, it’s a great example of a brand successfully using impactful design to do the right thing and boldly address an important social issue.

Visually speaking, they went to a different color palette than the Bumble yellow, while still using the same iconography, and the tone of the copy and the headlines in the context is amazing. One ad says “career advancements without the advances” — calling out in large letters that women are often approached on other professional networking sites for the wrong reasons, both an insight and a slight to the competitors in one fell swoop. The other sign, on top of a tall building, has the hive icon with “our eyes are up here” — a smooth reference again to an age old issue that women face in society, but also calling out that women are literally “up there” in the C-suite. It’s an excellent example of playing to the physical space with copy that both highlights the problem and gives the solution in a powerful, uplifting way.

This campaign featured right after the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke this past fall. Whether it was just coincidental timing or a highly reactive move, it made a positive and lasting impression on me — and I’m aware I’m not the target audience here. So many brands try to deliver this kind of message in a “guerrilla marketing” style, but it can feel weak or pandering. This campaign is anything but that — it’s incredibly relevant and authentic.

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Tosh Hall is global executive creative director at Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) working out of the agency's New York office.

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Creative Director JKR Preacher

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