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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey downplays acquisition rumours

Twitter's chief executive has dismissed rumours that the social network is a prime acquisition target, after talk of a sale bubbled to the surface once more following the most successful quarterly revenue boost in the business's history.

Speaking in response to a question at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Tuesday (13 February), Jack Dorsey said: "I’ve always thought that there’s a lot of strength to our independence."

When quizzed on whether he saw any advantages to being part of a bigger group or company, Dorsey said that, for now, Twitter was not "constrained" by any one platform, adding: "We can work on every device. We can work through any medium."

Dorsey said his main focus at the moment is understanding the "overall cohesive, comprehensive health of the platform".

Around 18 months ago, there was intense speculation that Twitter would sell up to a business like Google, Disney or Salesforce. Ultimately, nothing came to fruition, and the fact Dorsey is still being questioned about it shows that these rumours aren't about to go away soon.

As a business, Twitter has made a number of improvements since takeover talks stalled in 2016. It has credited its focus on adtech as the reason behind its first ever profitable quarter, upped the character count for users to 280 and has inked several live-streaming deals, with Dorsey more recently committing to surfacing more relevant content on subscribers' timelines.