KFC uses TV sync to launch Golden Egg Crunch in Malaysia

KFC has created a TV sync campaign in Malaysia for the launch of the Golden Egg Crunch, which will work across a TV monitoring network, combining data from social media, TV viewership, and TV ad/program occurrence at scale.

The campaign, created by Universal McCann and Ensemble Worldwide, delivers over 20 videos on mobile, each pegged to the most popular ads during the campaign period, to air across the social media network within seconds of the live TV commercial trigger.

“Media is incredibly segmented, and despite TV still being the number one media being consumed in Malaysia, it is getting increasingly harder to capture our audiences’ attention,” said KFC’s senior general manager of marketing, Angelina Villanueva.

“The UM and Ensemble team have once again come up with a smart and innovative way to boost our brand awareness, during a period that normally faces stiff competition.”

The KFC Golden Egg Crunch will run between 5 to 28 February.

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