Last call to enter The Drum Roses Creative Awards

Advertising fuels the UK economy, with £120 billion coming in, which helps fund the creative industry. It’s no secret that London is an advertising powerhouse, but Looking beyond the M25, the regions make up 57% of the advertising workforce.

That is why The Drum ROSES Creative Awards celebrates and rewards the amazing work that creative thinkers produce, out with London.

Judge, Shaun Moran, founding partner and creative director said: “London doesn't represent the whole country and London doesn't represent the entire creative industry. The Roses Awards is an opportunity for agencies to prove it.

“I’m hoping to see some work where I say, ‘that’s brave, surprised they got that through’.”

This year’s judging panel will also include: Clayton Gray, head of design, Ogilvy; Wayne Deakin, independent creative director and innovator; Soul London and Emma Scott Robertson, creative director, SapientRazorfish.

Looking ahead to the judging day, Robinson wants to see work that makes her jealous. She said: “Work I wish I had thought of, dreamt up, imagined, conceived, pushed through, fought for. I want to see clarity of insight and surprise in execution. I want to remember it long after I’ve judged it.

“I want to totally ‘get’ the idea and understand what it expects of me. I hope I see all of that because it will remind me once again why I love this industry.”

Apart from the fame and fortune that comes from entering these awards, Robinson says that this is a chance to find the hidden gems in advertising, design and digital outside of the London bubble.

“It’s a regional showcase for all the blood, sweat, tears and joy to be found in other shimmery bubbles,” she said. “In a world where insularity seems to have become terrifyingly commonplace, looking outwards is more important than ever before.”

The Roses Creative Awards recognise the very best creativity in advertising, design and digital. Each year sees the best regional agencies compete for a gold, silver or bronze accolade, awarded by a prestigious judging panel. The entry deadline has now passed but you can apply for an extension by contacting

Sponsors of the awards are Chesterfield Group and Become Recruitment.