Brazil’s biggest newspaper on Facebook quits platform as interactions slump

Folha de S.Paulo, the biggest newspaper on Facebook in Brazil, has announced that it is pulling out of the platform.

It said it will no longer update its Facebook page with new posts although archived material will remain online.

The withdrawal comes hot on the heels of a decision by the social network to demote business, brand and media posts on users’ feeds in favour of content posted by friends and family, a decision which the paper warns will cause members to retreat further within ‘opinion bubbles that only favor their own convictions’.

Folha is further aggrieved by the perceived absence of any ‘guarantee that readers who are provided with a link containing a given accusation will also have access to a contrary position.’

These changes come amid a backdrop of declining influence with data compiled by Folha showing that the volume of shares, comments and likes generated by Brazil’s ten largest newspapers on Facebook decreased by 32% versus January last year.

A trend which is reinforced by analytics provider which documented a decline in Facebook’s share of external referrals to Folha from 39% in January last year to just 24% in December.

In its place platforms such as Google are growing in importance, with the search giants share of external referrals rising from 34 to 45% over the same period.

The significance of the move was not lost on Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s head of news feed, who voiced ‘worry’ on Twitter that Facebook wasn’t providing ‘sufficient value’ to publishers.

Folha has 5.95 million followers on Facebook versus 6.2m Twitter followers; 727,000 followers on Instagram and 726,000 via LinkedIn.