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Roll of honour: push the limits at The Drum Chip Shop Awards

Roll of honour: push the limits at The Drum Chip Shop Awards

The Drum Chip Shop Awards celebrate pure, unadulterated originality. The awards are for professionals, students, or anyone really, can compete on a level playing field, and maybe even win £1000 along the way.

So sit back and scroll through some of the most original ads from the 2017 awards.

Canada Goose: Real Trap Shit - Harvey Butterfield - director, producer

Best use of honesty

Sudocrem - Adam McGowan, senior art director; Alan Houghton, creative director and Dave Mullen, creative strategist

Best work for a brand you have not a hope in hell of winning

MadeBrave: Clucks to Bucks - Andrew Dobbie, art director; David McCourt, director (Wander Media) and videographer/editor Keena

Best shameless self-promotion

Cadbury: Chocolate Finger - Shane Hanton, senior designer

Best rejected concept

Tennis Foundation: #TENNISANYBODY - Remco Graham, executive creative director; Daniel Mountain and Amy Westbrook, creative team designer

​Best use of an alternative media space

Hands Up Don't Shoot: François Rabes, art director; Ilan Zerrouki, graphic designer and Jeremy Bembaron, photographer

Best ad without a headline

Vagisil: Bring Home the Bacon - David Nightingale, concept and artwork

Best work for a client you have, but haven't a hope in hell of running

Redbull: Mexico's most popular beverage - Propellent

Best parody

United Nations World Water Day: Free Water - David Holcroft

Best charity ad

MonoLens: Keeping one eye on the future - Greg Furber, creative director; Tom Fenwick-Smith, creative director and Tomoya Hearnshaw, concept artist

Best use of tech for tech's sake

Have you created amazing, unimaginable work that should be shouted out about? The Drum Chip Shop Awards are now open for entries, download your entry pack and show the world your hard, outstanding work. Next time, your projects/campaigns could be showcased on

You might even be in with a chance of winning £1000 if you snap up the Barnacles Award, chosen from all of the entries to recognise and celebrate emerging creative talent.

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