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Amazon set to introduce b2b delivery service in latest disruption move

Amazon set to introduce a delivery service for Amazon Businesses

Amazon is set to roll out a delivery service for business to rival FedEx and UPS.

As reported by CNBC, the service called "Shipping with Amazon" will pick up packages from businesses and deliver them to customers.

The first business delivery is to take place in Los Angeles within the next few weeks. Amazon is already expanding its Amazon Business in various countries. In Europe, Amazon Business is now live in France, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

However, UPS will continue to be Amazon's partner.

An Amazon spokesperson said: "UPS continues to support Amazon and many other customers and we don't make comments about their business strategies or decisions regarding their utilization of UPS services."

Meanwhile, Amazon is set to surpass the market valuation of Microsoft after the online retailer’s stock market valuation closed higher than Microsoft for the first time on record.