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MillerCoors debuts Two Hats brand with ‘Good Cheap Beer’ campaign to woo non-beer drinkers


By Kyle O'Brien | Creative Works Editor

February 8, 2018 | 4 min read

Brewing giant MillerCoors is introducing a new line of beers to reach young adults who don’t drink much beer, and with it a new campaign designed to appeal to that demographic.

Two Hats campaign

Two Hats beer 'Wait, What?' campaign

Two Hats is a new brand of light beers with a hint of all-natural fruit flavor with two options, lime and pineapple, that won’t break the bank. The brand describes it in a release as “a good, cheap option that suits the taste and budget of a new generation of drinkers who aren’t currently big on beer.”

Two Hats beer

The accompanying campaign, called ‘Wait, What?’ is launching entirely on digital – a first for MillerCoors when launching a new brand – and will flood the internet with memes that they hope will make viewers say, “Two Hats is good, cheap beer. Wait, What?”

The simple campaign is certainly meme-ready, featuring quick videos (with six- and 15-second options) that show the beer and a ‘whoa’ face by a very 1970s-looking dude. One has the added element of slo-mo destruction as a bowling ball smashes into a pin-setting of wine bottles, stating: “Good cheap beer is coming… Stop your wine-ing,” meant to appeal to the current wine drinker who might just switch to a lighter beer.

Developed by creative agency Mekanism and its in-house social media agency plus in-house production company, Epic Signal and Sister, respectively, the campaign is aimed at 21-24-year-olds who don't currently consider beer their beverage of choice.

"We're building a brand through social and digital," said Kirby Brooks Todd, director of social strategy at Epic Signal. "It represents a real understanding of how media is consumed and how brands are built today."

With an alcohol by volume of 4.2%, Two Hats is a lighter beer and it comes in at roughly $5 a six-pack, making it affordable for most.

“We want to give 21- to 24-year-old drinkers, who don’t consider beer to be great-tasting and affordable, an option they can get on board with,” said Justine Stauffer, Two Hats brand manager. “As soon as people realize that a beer this good is about five dollars, their immediate reaction is, ‘Wait, what?’”

Two Hats is also collaborating with alumni from the Chicago-based incubator program, the Remix Project, to offer a unique creative filter to its campaign. Bringing in the diverse perspectives of creatives and entrepreneurs in the arts and entertainment industries, The Remix Project and its alumni are helping the brand connect with new drinkers in a meaningful way.

Two Hats will focus on sharing wide-ranging content, from video to memes and gifs, across various digital and social media platforms such as College Humor, Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, drinkers will have the opportunity to try Two Hats through local sampling and custom events across the nation.

Two Hats: Wait, What? by Mekanism

By Two Hats

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