By Katie Deighton, Senior Reporter

February 6, 2018 | 2 min read

Absolut has released a spoof staff induction video starring real employees that takes the vodka’s commitments to openness and transparency to the extreme.

'The Vodka with Nothing to Hide' opens in a Swedish field where host Gunnar – completely naked, save from some carefully positioned pixilation – introduces the viewer to the drink’s local Åhus wheat, as well as the equally naked Lars the farmer.

Gunnar then goes on a tour through Åhus lakes, Absolut’s bicycle station and the brand’s factory, meeting many more nude characters on the way and educating his new co-workers to the company’s CO2 neutral distillation process, sustainable ethos and progressive approach to vodka distillation.

Surrounded by his unclothed colleagues, Gunnar concludes to literal fanfare that “the most important thing that goes into Absolut is our people”.

In a press release, Absolut made clear that the relentless nudity should only be read as metaphor, and that Åhus distillery employees ‘are normally found fully clothed’.

The film was directed by Sam Hibbard and created by BBH London as part of the brand platform ‘Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight’.

The agency’s executive creative director, Anthony Austin, said: "We wanted to celebrate that openness, in a way that felt true to Absolut’s Swedish identity, so we figured the best way to show it is 'The Vodka with Nothing to Hide' would be for its employees to take all their kit off, stand in a field and talk about it."

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