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Marine Corps goes guns-a-blazing in first Super Bowl ad in over 30 years

The United States Marine Corps is returning the Super Bowl for the first time in more than 30 years with a new brand campaign that brings out all the big guns in an effort to promote the military division.

The spot, ‘A Nation’s Call,’ will air during NBC’s Super Bowl livestream. It was produced with the help of long-time agency, J. Walter Thompson. The full-length spot is live on – and a 30-second version will air twice online during the livestream.

The campaign features all the arsenal and might of the Navy and Marine Corps team – ships, amphibious vehicles, aviation and ground assets – disappearing to reveal the Corps’ greatest weapon: the fighting spirit of every Marine. With tanks rumbling, hovercraft speeding towards the battlefield, planes blazing overhead and Marines shooting towards enemy targets, the action unfolds like a video game, which may be the point in trying to land new members brought up on such technology.

“Undoubtedly, the equipment, technology and innovation fueling a modern Marine Corps operation gives Marines a decided advantage and an ability to reach objectives further inland than ever before, but a Marine’s willingness to engage and determination to defeat is essential to ‘Battles Won’,” said Sean McNeeley, executive director, account management, J. Walter Thompson.

“People know who Marines are – whether described as 'The Few. The Proud,' by our prestigious Dress Blue uniform, or the honorable ferocity displayed on battlefields that established and maintains our 'Devil Dog' moniker,” said LtCol John Caldwell, national director of marketing and communication strategy for the United States Marine Corps. “But what most often appears in online search queries is the question, 'What do Marines do?' This ad, ‘A Nation's Call,’ definitively answers that question – it shows our service defining capability to project a self-contained and overwhelming force from a sea-based location to an inland objective. But most importantly, this ad makes crystal clear the fact that more than any weapon system or material platform, our success remains reliant upon the indomitable fighting spirit and determination to win inside each and every Marine.”

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