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Former Havas Media chief Frampton backs Millennial marketplace to match young talent with business

Millennial marketplace to match young talent with business launched

Jack Parsons, founder of social recruitment network YourFeed, has bounced back with a second bite at the cherry after resuming his partnership with former Havas UK CEO Paul Frampton to launch a recruitments and upskilling network that aims to bridge LinkedIn’s ‘Millennial gap’ by giving young people a head start in business.

Launching this week, Big Youth Group aims to establish itself as a go-to network for 2m 18-30 year olds by handing out virtual currency in return for their participation, credits which can be exchanged for benefits such as a gym membership.

As part of this approach Parsons will also launch a parallel Big Youth Accelerator which will share a community of 200 mentors with 10 startups with founders under 30.

Explaining his enthusiasm for the latest venture Parsons said: “A few years ago, I was told that because I couldn’t spell and was not brilliant academically that I should go and work on a building site. At the age of 24, I have launched and run one business for three years and I am passionate about helping young people like me, that feel failed by the education system and don’t know where to turn."

Unlike established services such as LinkedIn Big Youth Group will focus solely on young people starting out in their careers.

Frampton ended a 20-year career at Havas UK late last year to pursue new projects in the digital economy and innovation spheres.

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