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Bud Light Advertising Super Bowl

The ‘Bud Knight’ saves the day in Bud Light’s ‘Dilly Dilly’ Super Bowl spot


By Minda Smiley, Reporter

February 1, 2018 | 4 min read

Bud Light is continuing its ‘Dilly Dilly’ craze on Super Bowl Sunday with a spot starring a character dubbed ‘Bud Knight.’

Bud Light image

The 'Bud Knight' is the star of Bud Light's game day ad

The spot is the third and final ad in the brand’s ‘Dilly Dilly Super Bowl Trilogy,’ which kicked off before the holidays with a spot starring a wizard capable of turning anything into Bud Light. The second spot in the series, which features a group of soldiers preparing to enter a battle over Bud Light, initially aired during the NFL championship games last month and will once again air during the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

The battle story will continue in the second quarter of the game, where viewers will be introduced to ‘Bud Knight’ as he rides into combat atop a horse. While the hapless soldiers around him believe he’s arrived to save the day and help fight the enemy, they’re quickly let down when they see him walk into a medieval convenience store to pick up a pack of Bud Light.

Realizing his cohorts are likely to lose the battle, he decides to ditch the 30th birthday he’d planned to attend and help them fight instead. When he lifts a flaming sword into the air, he’s met with cheers of ‘Dilly Dilly!’ before the battle is reignited.

The spot was created by Wieden + Kennedy and directed by Jim Jenkins

“Humor and friendship is at the core of what Bud Light and beer drinking is all about – and that’s why ‘Dilly Dilly’ has been such a great success. Bringing ‘Dilly Dilly’ to the Super Bowl – one of the biggest nights for friends and family – was a no-brainer,” said Andy Goeler, vice president of marketing at Bud Light, in a statement. “The final chapter of our Bud Light ‘Dilly Dilly’ trilogy is definitely an epic one, but stay tuned for more from Bud Light and the Dilly Dilly universe in 2018.”

Bud Light’s ‘Dilly Dilly’ catchphrase has become wildly popular since the brand first introduced it in August with a ‘Game of Thrones’-esque spot. In the ad, a king turns his nose up when a man tries to present him with a “spiced honey mead wine” instead of Bud Light — and is met with cheers of ‘Dilly Dilly’ when he dismisses the man to the “pit of misery.”

According to Bud Light, there's an average of 1.1 million searches of 'Dilly Dilly' on Google per month.

Bud Light Advertising Super Bowl

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