Local Media Consortium inks deal with Integral Ad Science to starve fraudsters of revenue siphoned off from advertisers

Local Media Consortium partnered with Integral Ad Science to combat ad fraud and siphon off money funneled by fraudsters / Jefferson Santos via Unsplash

The Local Media Consortium (LMC), an alliance of leading local media companies representing brands such as The Boston Globe, Tribune Media and Tronc, has announced a partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to counter the growing menace of ad fraud.

By partnering with IAS, the LMC has enabled its members – which includes more than 75 local media companies and 1,700 newspaper, broadcast and digital titles – to ensure and deliver “better results to their advertisers and address marketers needs for brand safety, ad fraud and viewability for digital display and video ad inventory across desktop and mobile web."

Through IAS, ad inventory is sorted via the URL down to the impression level on the key metrics such as: viewability, ad fraud, geo-compliance and brand safety. It provides a single source of reporting that unifies publisher and customer data, eliminating discrepancies that come from multiple data sets.

IAS, is among a number of companies that has been helping to flush out fraudsters from the media ecosystem, and has been partnering with major publishers and media consortiums to prevent bad actors from spreading rogue code that produces fraudulent clicks. The FBI and London’s Metropolitan Police had both been investigating such fraudulent activity, especially in light the high-profile Methbot and Hyphbot cases.

“Thanks to IAS, our members – who offer more than 12 billion ad impressions each month to agencies and brands seeking to reach quality local audiences in brand-safe environments – will have even greater control over direct and programmatic deals,” said Rusty Coats, chief executive officer of the Local Media Consortium. “As media companies are increasingly challenged by ad fraud and ad blocking, IAS will provide greater means to verify and optimize inventory, helping participating members to validate and protect their ad traffic.”

“Our commitment to helping local media companies thrive through better ad inventory makes us an ideal partner for the LMC,” said Dave Marquard, VP of publisher product for IAS. “By automating custom ad delivery down to the placement level, the LMC’s members will have a greater opportunity to monetize more of their impressions and deliver on custom advertiser standards for brand safety, viewability and fraud-free environments.”

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