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Find out who the King of Rwanda bestowed The Drum honours upon

It's not every day you can say you were awarded by a king, however that is exactly what some of those listed in The Drum's New Year's Honours list can now proclaim.

His Majesty, The King of Rwanda, was invited along to the event by The Drum's editor-in-chief Gordon Young. In the above video, Young explained: "At the very heart of Rwandan culture is the Drum, and to the Africans the Drum is not just an instrument of entertainment, it is an instrument of communication. So we felt that we had a lot in common with the ethos of what the drum really stands for as a tool of communication."

Those honoured at the event included, Calm and W.A.C.L, each receiving awards for Media Organisation of the Year and Mr President and Accenture for Agencies of the Year. And receiving awards for Person of the Year; Nick Entwistle, founder of One Minute Briefs, Leila Fataar, founder of Platform 13; Ali Hanan, founder and chief executive of Creative Equals and Adrian Walcott, founder and managing director of Brands With Values.

Speaking at the breakfast, his Majesty said: "I am very proud to be in partnership with The Drum magazine, who value it as much as my country does... without the drum, there is no king." Before explaining to those who had been honoured how those in Rwanda protect their drum: "We keep it next to the fire and sprinkle it with bull's blood."

To find out who else was honoured at the breakfast, pick up a copy of The Drum magazine.