Coca-Cola pushes message of inclusivity in colorful Super Bowl ad

Coca-Cola is returning to the Super Bowl for the 12th year in a row with a one-minute spot called ‘The Wonder Of Us’ that celebrates individuality and diversity.

The commercial is kicking off the soda brand’s ‘A Coke for Everyone’ campaign, which will promote Coca-Cola’s line of namesake products, like Coke Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Life, throughout the year.

By promoting a number of products that fall under the Coca-Cola brand name, the company is hoping to drive home its message that there’s a Coke out there for everyone. The move is part of Coca-Cola’s ‘One Brand’ strategy, which it unveiled in 2016 to unite its trademark brands under one marketing push.

“The Wonder of Us celebrates the things that make us unique and reminds us that there’s a Coke for each and every one of us," said Stuart Kronauge, senior vice president of marketing and president of USA operations at Coca-Cola North America, in a statement. "There's a different, delicious Coke–glass bottle or mini can; zero sugar or original taste–for every occasion and every unique individual.”

Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl LII spot is not dissimilar to the one it aired in 2014, which featured a range of Americans exploring their country to the tune of ‘America the Beautiful’ sung in different languages. The company re-aired the spot before last year’s game, a move that many interpreted as Coke’s way of commenting on President Trump’s travel ban.

This year, Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad will be accompanied by a print campaign that will run in both The New York Times and USA Today. The full-page print ad, posted below, features the same poem that is read during the brand’s game day spot.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, the spot will air during the fourth quarter of the game.