Mashable and eBay team up for launch of shoppable images pilot

Online auction house eBay is ushering in a shoppable images revolution after launching a collaboration with Mashable to deliver an ‘easy-click’ solution across its US and UK editorial content.

The partnership will see Mashable bring to bear its product recommendations influence with eBay’s own commerce platform to streamline the process of enticing its readership to shop, browse and purchase matching goods without the need to ever leave Mashable.

Dan Burdett, head of eBay EMEA Marketing Lab commented: “We know a lot about how people shop on our site, but less about how they shop off it, so we wanted to bring a simplified shopping experience that brings products to Mashable’s passionate audience rather than expect them to come to us.”

The custom eBay widget comes as part of a pilot partnership designed to establish whether seller reputation and delivery times matter as much on Mashable as they do on eBay directly, with any insights gleaned harnessed by its marketing team to drive growth.

The Mashable embed marks the first occasion at which consumers have been able to buy goods directly from eBay via an external website. As such anyone making use of the service will be automatically entered into a prize draw for an iPad Mini 4 in an effort to boost engagement.

Just last month Mashable announced it would be retrenching its operations following its fire sale to Ziff Davis.