Creative Work of the Week: Ogilvy Italy shows immigrants can also be heroes in spot for Emergency

It’s easy to look past people whose lives don’t seem to matter, especially in a crowded city. But first appearances may not tell the whole story. That’s the concept behind Ogilvy Italy’s new spot for the NGO Emergency.

In ‘Every Person Matters,’ the spotlight is on one of those people that get overlooked and dismissed. It is the story of Jalal, an Indian man who blends into the crowd of city peddlers in Milan. He is trying to sell roses to people gathered on the street and in cafes, all who tell him a stern 'no.'

When he enters a restaurant, the host tells him they aren’t interested. Just then, Jalal sees a man dining with his wife, short of breath and falling to the floor. Jalal jumps into action and rushes to the man, giving him life-saving CPR.

The tag at the end of the spot states: 'Jalal didn’t just leave a country. He also left a family, a job, a story. Every person matters.'

Inspired by known situations of immigrants doing great gestures of humanity, Emergency, which provides free medical treatment to victims of war and poverty, highlighted this story to illustrate that every person matters and that their stories often go deeper.

“We firmly believe every person matters, and can make a difference,” said Rossella Miccio, president of Emergency. “Recognizing everyone’s dignity is our better antidote against racism and indifference. And this is the best thing we can wish to everyone for the next year.”

The organization noted that in 2017, over 65.6 million people were forced to leave their country: an unprecedented number. Every minute, 20 people were forced to leave their home.

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