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Ad of the Day: AncestryDNA reminds Brexiteers that there is European DNA inside them

Europeans have been trolling Britain as it prepares for the Brexit, all as part of a musical ad from

The brand has collated a love letter to Brexit-minded Britain from Europeans across the continent in an ad from Droga5 London. The work weighs on research claiming that the average British person has 60% DNA from somewhere in Europe.

The creative, scored by Rick Astley's Together Forever offers a reassuring hand of friendship to Britain.

Russell James of AncestryDNA said: “Our new campaign rises above the divisiveness of Brexit to celebrate the enduring cultural and ancestral links that millions of Britons have with Europe. At Ancestry, we believe our shared Europeanness is something we can all celebrate, regardless of how we voted in the referendum.

Rick Dodds, executive creative director at Droga5 London, underlined that the campaign played on the daily uncertain headlines about Brexit. "The opportunity to put a factually reassuring message out there in amongst the sea of uncertainty was a rare one we didn’t want to miss."

The 60-second ad will run on UK TV 29 January.

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