By Rebecca Stewart, Trends Editor

January 28, 2018 | 2 min read

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos is on the hunt for an Alexa replacement, because the personal assistant has lost her voice. Well, according the storyline of the brand's tongue-in-cheek Super Bowl spot, that is.

The e-commerce giant has released a cinematic teaser trailer ahead of the big game, which appears to centre around Alexa losing her ability to communicate.

The spot opens with a woman brushing her teeth, asking Alexa what the weather is like in Austin, but before the AI gets a chance to respond she splutters and goes out of commission.

As the news reports roll in, an anxious looking Bezos is assured by his team not to worry, and that they've found a replacement, leaving viewers guessing as to what it could be.

Whether Alexa is simply sick, or tired of giving out daily news briefings isn't clear. Fans will have to wait and see whether there's a more twisted Black Mirror-esque backstory.

Amazon first made its Super Bowl debut in 2016, advertising the Echo - the hardware on which Alexa lives.

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