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Ad of the Day: Reba McEntire bolsters Colonel Sanders singing credentials as first women to play KFC mascot

Country music star Reba McEntire is the first woman to ever play KFC founder and mascot, Colonel Sanders.

McEntire follows a venerable cast of talent in portraying the colonel including Darrell Hammond, Ray Liotta, George Hamilton, Rob Riggle, Rob Lowe, Norm Macdonald and Billy Zane. On par with their efforts, she is fully garbed in the memorable wispy white hair and spectacles of the mascot.

The musician uses her vocal abilities to tout new product the Smoky Mountain BBQ chicken in a rowdy honky tonk, brought to life by Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

For its spend, KFC gets a venerable new jingle. Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer of KFC told Business Insider that the musician “embodies the values of Kentucky Fried Chicken,” adding “our colonel is a showman through and through."

Oklahoma native McEntire stated: “KFC has been a part of my life forever."

It's worth noting that KFC stepped away from known figures to an unknown actor in its last TV push. It has of course returned to celebrity again.

The ad will run on US TV 28 January.

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