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Jimmy Kimmel and Warren Beatty relive ‘Envelopegate’ blunder for Oscars promo

You might have thought it an episode the Oscars would rather forget but an incident which has gone down in infamy as one of the worst moments in Oscars history has been recreated by Jimmy Kimmel and Warren Beatty as the centerpiece of the latest advert for the film industry bash.

Instead of brushing ‘Envelopegate’ under the carpet, the two comedians have opted instead to milk it for every laugh they can muster, invoking memories which are still raw of last year’s toe-curling mix up when La La Land was inadvertently named as the winner instead of Moonlight.

Opening the piece Kimmel says, “You know, I dream about it every night, I can't even open the mail because of all the envelopes,” before the action segues to a coffee shop where a PTSD-scarred Kimmel again daydreams about the incident before manhandling a barista and hectoring, ‘You've got to get the name right!’

Kimmel eventually ends up on a psychiatrist’s couch saying: “The worst part is, they want me to do it again. So what do I do?" His colleague Beatty then replies: “I don't care what you do, just get out of my house.”

Beatty, together with his Bonnie and Clyde co-star Faye Dunaway, were tasked with presenting the ill-fated 2017 Academy Awards which went well until Beatty was handed the wrong envelope, resulting in Dunaway reading out the wrong winner.

Last year's mix-up was ultimately pinned to two PwC accountants tasked with managing envelope distribution, both of whom went on to receive death threats.

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