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YouTube says Google Pixel 2 spot was most popular UK ad of 2017, trumping ‘Moz the Monster’

Google-owned YouTube has unveiled its annual ranking of the year’s most popular ads, crowning its parent firm's 'Unquestioning' ad promoting the Pixel 2 phone as the winner among UK viewers.

The campaign, which was developed by global creative shop Droga 5 and UK agency BBH, trumped John Lewis’ divisive ‘Moz the Monster’ Christmas ad to claim the top spot.

YouTube compiled the list by using by using an algorithm that that factored in organic and paid views, watch time and audience retention.

Google’s high-octane film clocked up over 10m views in 2017, imploring consumers to 'ask more' of their phones and charting Google's developments in innovation through the years.

British retailer Marks & Spencer came in at number three with its own seasonal offering which featured a home grown marmalade-loving mascot in the form of Paddington Bear.

When it came to Europe, the most popular ad was a cheeky spot for real estate firm Immowelt. Set an an original soundtrack it depicts a man who loses his girlfriend because his apartment is too small, before a dream sequence transports him into an alternative reality.

Commenting on the UK rankings, Jenn Kaiser, head of ads comms at Google said: “From flying sloths to Antarctic explorers, creative and media agencies have produced some incredibly creative and exciting campaigns that resonated with audiences.

"Brands are increasingly seeing customer engagement with ads that are compelling, innovative and enjoyable – and I look forward to seeing the campaigns that 2018 will bring.”

Here's a full list of the campaigns that resonated with UK viewers

1. Google 'Questioning?'

2. John Lewis 'Moz the Monster'

3. Marks & Spencer 'Love the Bear'

4. GiffGaff 'Free to Go. Free to Stay'

5. YouTube 'Power to Decide'

6. Sainsbury's 'Every Bit of Christmas'

7. Three 'Go Binge'

8. Domino's 'The Secret to Every Handmade Domino's'

9. Hyundai 'Shackleton's Return'

10. BT Sport 'Champions League Final'