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The Drum

IAB Tech Lab launches measurement compliance program internationally with Japan's CCI as first adopter

IAB Tech Lab launches measurement compliance program internationally

IAB Tech Lab has launched its Digital Measurement Compliance program into markets outside the US, with Japan-based Cyber Communications Inc (CCI) the first to run an audit and secure verification.

The program aims to be an optional way for businesses to gain accreditation around its implementation of industry standards, comprising of an audit and a verification on passing, and is focused on markets outside the US.

The offering today launches to international businesses, with 43 IAB national markets supporting the program.

Speaking to The Drum ahead of the launch, Dennis Buchheim, senior vice-president and general manager of the IAB Tech Lab, said promoting further confidence in the supply chain would increase spend, irrespective of market.

“Companies view the successful completion of the program as an advantage over competitors. Building a trustworthy and efficient supply chain is key to growing any market, in South America, Asia, or elsewhere. As more IAB Tech Lab-compliant companies are active in a market, there is greater common understanding of operating practices, reduced friction across the supply chain, and increased efficiency overall,” he said.

The need for collaboration was shared by Kantar Millward Brown’s Pablo Gomez, who last year called for all parts of the industry to come together to get media right in Asia.

Japanese media representative and digital marketing company CCI completed the audit for its ad serving platform Beyond X and achieved compliance verification across various categories, including impressions and clicks measurement for desktop and mobile web.

Kensuke Hirokawa, director and chief technology officer, CCI, said: “In Japan, as in other markets, issues such as ad fraud, brand safety, and viewability are gaining more and more attention. As many players, including ourselves, are urged to tackle those issues, I am pleased to announce that our advertising platform, Beyond X, has received the first IAB Tech Lab verification in Japan. Delivering more reliable measurement and stronger technology capabilities to the Japanese market is an important mission of CCI. The company is taking vital steps in keeping with its role and responsibility to build a healthier digital advertising market.”

IAB Tech Lab is hoping other businesses in Asia will soon follow, with European and South American businesses following closely behind, as Buchheim, added: “Although we have launched with CCI in Japan, and have other companies in Asia contracted in our pipeline, the Measurement Compliance Program is currently available to companies around the world. We hope to expand our engagements in Asia and, working closely with the IAB Global Network, gain traction in Europe, and South America.”

As to why this is being rolled out into international markets on such a large scale, Buchheim said that minimising regional variations helped scale investment for global businesses.

“Global standards minimize regional variations in technology protocols and practices, which is especially helpful in reducing costs and simplifying business engagements and operations for companies that want to expand outside of their country/region. Through collaboration with key in-market parties, we can foster global input into the development and adoption of new standards. This increases global interoperability, and ensures that the final product accounts for regional variations in business practices, policy requirements, data formats, etc,” he said.

The program would have the flexibility to be localized to markets, he added, noting that some markets would need a different approach. He said standards would be kept through the localization process, with increases to the audit cycle coming each year.

In order to make this happen, Buchheim added that the IAB Tech Lab would be increasing members in markets outside the US.

“We plan to educate the market through expanding IAB Tech Lab’s member base globally. We will be working closely with the IAB organizations around the world, each representing a specific market or region. We will also promote the program in targeted publications, through industry events, and via other marketing channels,” he added.

The rollout of the program is the latest in a series of technology compliance programs, launched last year to verify accurate deployment of OpenRTB, VAST, VPAID, and MRAID standards.