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Snapchat Stories will now reach more eyeballs as app opens up Facebook and Twitter sharing

'Official' Stories - such as those posted by high-profile figures like Kim Kardashian - will be able to shared on Facebook / Snapchat

For the first time ever Snapchat is allowing content posted within its app to be shared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; a move that could help it broaden its userbase.

The enigmatic messaging service will now let users share certain Snapchat content on third-party sites and blogs. This can be done via a link which allows individuals who don't have the app to view the video or photo.

For now the announcement doesn't relate to sponsored or branded videos or imagery, however given that all of Snap's advertiser products have evolved from consumer products it doesn't seem unlikely that in time the feature could evolve.

Crucially the sharing element only applies to Stories which are high-profile or publicly viewable.

This includes content published to the user-generated Our Stories and Search Stories section of the app, as well as videos or pictures from celebrities and public figures, like Kim Kardashian-West or Jeremy Corbyn, which Snap classes as 'Official Stories'.

The feature will be available immediately to Snapchatters with the new, redesigned version of the app.

The Our Stories section of Snap's app, which lets stitches together various users' content around tentpole events or news stories, has attracted attention from brands and broadcasters including BT Sports. Snap has not commented on whether the sharing capabilities will be extended to content produced in tandem with partners.

What the latest move from the traditionally secretive Venice Beach firm will help it do is tap into the audiences of its rivals.

While these new sharable stories will be viewable to people without an app, Snap is likely hoping to raise brand awareness and pique user interest in its private messaging features, which – while they've been mimicked by Instagram and Facebook – only work in-app.

During its Q3 results, Snap revealed that its global daily active user count had increased from 153 million to 178 million. However, growth for that quarter was around half of what analysts had predicted, and Snapchat's recent redesign, which has gone down badly with some users, was intended to offset sluggish growth and assuage investors.

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