Premier League scores as football TV rights predicted to surpass £10bn

The full market value of Premier League football rights has been predicted to surpass the barrier of £10bn for the first time, signaling that the allure of top flight TV hasn’t lost its lustre in the age of digital streaming.

Valuations have been pushed northwards to ever more eye-popping extremes courtesy of the arrival of new entrants to an increasingly competitive market which have been steadily driving up the price.

The latest calculations by Ampere Analysis show that the league can expect to earn between £5.3bn and £5.9bn for domestic three-year ‘live’ rights, up from £5.13bn at the last time of asking. Such a result would easily allow top tier clubs to generate over £10bn between them, with Ampere suggesting that the final figure could be £10.9bn once international rights are thrown into the mix.

One factor which could skew the results even more in favour of the Premier League is the long-heralded arrival of Amazon onto the scene which promises to be the single most disruptive challenger publisher.

Guy Bisson, research director at Ampere Analysis remarked: “Unlike the bidding for the 2017 to 2019 rights, life is now very much less certain. What has changed is the very real threat that Amazon will look to take at least some of the UK and later on, international rights. At the same time, domestically, Sky and BT’s appetite to increase spend in line with the previous rates of inflation may have waned. The inflationary pressure will be focused on international rights and will be driven by the threat from Amazon and other potential new entrants.”

A new tender for Premier League matches was published last month, clearing the way for over 200 games to be aired live.