L'Oreal includes a Hijab-wearing model for first time in hair advert

L'Oreal casts a Hijab model for the first time ever in its hair advert

L'Oreal UK, in its latest campaign, has included a Hijab-wearing model, Amena for the first time.

In the campaign, she starred alongside model Neelam Gill, Cheryl Tweedy, Dougie Poynte and other women across the UK.

Amena in featured having said: “Whether or not your hair’s on display, it doesn’t affect how much you care about it."

Amena hopes to empower every woman who was told her dreams are impossible through this campaign.

She wrote on her Twitter: "Whatever the field of work, positive change for women is possible. Every one of us is a part of this story."

You can watch the ad below -

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