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Google partners with Tencent in patent deal to expand in China

Google partners Tencent in a patent deal to expand in China

Google has signed a a patent cross-licensing agreement with Chinese tech giant Tencent in order to expand in China where its entities like app store, search engine and email services are blocked.

According to Tech Crunch,both Google and Tencent will work together on innovation and technology. Both didn't disclose any financial terms of the deal.

Google’s head of patents, Mike Lee said: “We’re pleased to enter into a patent cross-license with Tencent. By working together on agreements such as this, tech companies can focus on building better products and services for their users."

Earlier, Google signed a similar partnership with LG. Tencent recently overtook Facebook on market value.

Google has also opened its third office in China in the city of Shenzhen which is dubbed the ‘Asian Silicon Valley’.

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