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YouTube Re:View: The nation’s favourite granny and the crown jewels


By The Drum Team | Editorial

January 19, 2018 | 5 min read

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Welcome to YouTube’s Re:View, in association with The Drum. This week, the listing of the most loved videos in the UK on YouTube include ‘King’s Angels’, obviously a queen, and T-Swizz out for a drunken kebab.


YouTube’s Re:View

Welcome to the week when everything that is shiny and sparkling is reigning high on YouTube —from The Queen to the new pop diva Dua Lipa to a fashion show set in a fantasy royal palace to Taylor Swift hopping around the globe.

YouTube Re:View

The Queenie Speaks!

The Coronation on BBC 1, a one-off documentary to mark 65 years since the Queen ascended the throne, became an unexpected hit. After all it was after 22 years of negotiations with the broadcaster that our sovereign finally decided to lift the lid behind her coronation in 1953. From prodding her crown to her sassy replies to the interviewer — when asked what the children did during the coronation, she said: “No idea. I wasn’t there.” The film was funny, charming and delightful. Just like our Queen Elizabeth II. The nation’s most treasured granny continues to wield the spectre.

(View count - 154,863 views)*

Dua Lipa

From the Queen to the current doyenne of pop. Dua Lipa’s new music video, IDGAF and latest single from her self-titled debut album, reached 10m views in it’s first 48 hours. Her New Rules video has been watched more than 892m times on YouTube. And now she’s gone and broken the Brit Awards nomination record. Dua has become the first female solo artist to receive five nominations in a single year. She’s made history for being up for best album, best single, best video, best female and breakthrough awards.

(View count - 22,575,918 views)*

Dolce & Gabbana Coronation

Beautiful men in gleaming frock coats, medallion belts, embroidered jacquard jackets sashaying down a fantasy palace — it’s what dreams are made of for many of us. The video for Dolce & Gabbana Men’s Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2018/19 collection has been a runaway hit on YouTube. Every frame of that video is an objet of virtu. It’s titled King’s Angels. So right!

(View count - 184,858 views)*

End Game

The fifth single from Reputation album, directed by Joseph Khan, involves cavorting around in a bus, car and motorbike around Tokyo, Miami and London. Classic. What’s not to like when T-Swizz is dancing with Future on a yacht and partying with Ed Sheeran? And make no mistake, it’s a Taylor Swift video and therefore full of clues and ready to be decoded by her fans. Remember her Easter-egg-laden clip for 'Look What You Made Me Do'? Fans have already cracked several clues — the traditional cat and number 13, and she’s seen playing the ‘snake’ game on a phone. The best bit has to be her tribute to London — eating that kebab at night.

(View count - 39,614,097 views)*

The Gravy Mary

Gravy-infused cocktails. Not for the faint hearted. KFC has launched a series of videos for a range of gravy cocktail recipes. Gravy Mary - the classic Bloody Mary is given the KFC twist with 50ml vodka and 20ml KFC gravy and the quintessential spice mix. Whether you are a fan or not of the iconic gravy, this wacky video is just what you need to get ready for the weekend! (And so much more fun to watch than a chicken flaunting its stuff to rap music.) For all those waiting for the end to dry January… Stocktails, meaty craft cocktails, is the future.

(View count - 36,163 views)*

Creator Spotlight

Be Bold for Change

Meet Lucy Bella Earl. With a passion for punctuation and pronunciation (try saying that quickly), and a dream to teach the world 'beautiful British English' (we’re sure HRH will approve) – Lucy started her YouTube channel.

From '10 ways to say you're EXCITED' (Friday feels), '12 brands you pronounce incorrectly' (awks) and a 'pronunciation course' (sign us up) in the making – she's an A* star hit. Lucy's also a huge advocate for self-empowerment; check out this video where she chats with esteemed TEDx talker Caroline Goyder about confidence-boosting wins.

(Subscribers - 841,510)

(*all view count numbers, correct at time of publication)

Never miss a beat with the week's top videos on YouTube UK. Tune in next Friday for the next line-up.

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