Mastercard spurs consumers into a year of social good

Financial services provider Mastercard is seeking to perform some social good this year after announcing that it will seek to spur its customers into a Year of Action.

Start Something Priceless aims to engineer a social movement tackling issues such as bias and cultural stigmas in society by way of a series of individual campaigns such as the backstory behind a group of musicians who have battled against the odds to earn success at the Grammys.

In doing so Mastercard aims to inspire customers to pursue their own pledges to their own individual passions to bring about real change.

Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard, said: “Start Something Priceless is a call to action at a time when people expect actions, not just ads, from brands. This is a time when people truly believe in their own power to fuel change, and whether big or small, an action has the ability to make the world a better place. That movement is what we aim to unleash this year.

“Every day at Mastercard we work to make a difference in communities across the world, whether that’s reversing the cycle of poverty with the World Food Programme, donating to Stand Up To Cancer to give more people support in their fight, or bringing young girls into our family to inspire and prepare for a career in STEM.”

One of the first moves as part of this push has been the installation of interactive billboards around Paris which enable passersby to donate a week of school meals for one euro by way of a contactless payment.

Rajamanaar previously discussed the challenges of keeping the brand's 'Priceless' fresh in the midst of a digital tsunami.