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Japanese health brand creates ‘washable’ book to help children learn about hygiene

Mccann Health Japan creates a washable children's book

ANGFA, a Japanese health business, has created a book that can be washed by soap to help educate children in Cambodia about the benefits of using medicated soap.

The book is designed so that the storyline is only revealed when children wash the character’s hands with the soap. As the hands of the character are washed, the story appears in colour. The idea being that the children will start to learn that using germicidal soap can help prevent diseases, and give them a brighter future.

In the first part of the campaign, 400 of the books will be sent to Cambodia, along with 400 ANGFA soaps.

The campaign was created for ANGFA by McCann Health in Japan and will be promoted within the country around ‘Hand Washing Day’.

Jeremy Perrott, global chief creative officer of McCann Health, said: “The true human instinct to touch feel and experience is brought to life in this simple, engaging and powerfully compelling book. What I love most about this book, is the lack of high tech and sophisticated systems to convey a message. Instead we learn through an experience and remember because of the simple act of washing a surface to reveal its message. Simply genius.”

The link between Cambodia and ANGFA in Japan has been running for a while, as last October the brand launched a campaign called ‘Save Soap’ in which it sent a soap to Cambodia for every soap sold in Japan.

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