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Irn Bru has reworked its recipe – but can Scots tell the difference?

When Irn Bru announced it was changing its recipe, there was uproar across Scotland. The social buzz surrounding the announcement was what Scots would refer to as “top banter”, so it was only right for The Drum put the new formulation to the test

With the London office housing both Scottish and English natives, we decided to add a bit of a competitive edge.

Some claimed to never have drunk the fizzy delight, some screwed their face up in disgust, and others delighted in thinking up alcohols to mix with the national treasure beverage. Associate editor at The Drum, Sonoo Singh, grimaced while saying: “It’s just some kind of plastic, in my mouth. I really cannot drink anymore.”

Meanwhile, senior reporter Katie Deighton was hit by a sugar rush and got caught in a fit of the giggles and client services manager Naomi Taylor couldn’t hide her disgust as the drink brought back fond memories of every hangover she's ever had.

However just like the first round of last year's World Cup Qualifiers, the competition was pretty even.

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