Whole Foods faces backlash over food shortages at stores

A faulty inventory system at Whole Foods is leading to empty shelves at stores across the country, much to the annoyance of employees and customers alike.

According to Business Insider, the Amazon-owned grocery chain’s order-to-shelf system - which was implemented last year - is to blame. Described by Business Insider as a “tightly controlled system designed to streamline and track product purchases, displays, storage, and sales,” the system allows employees to essentially forgo stock rooms by carrying products directly from delivery trucks to shelves.

While it has helped reduce food spoilage and bring down costs, employees say the system’s strict procedures are what’s causing items to be out of stock.

Some customers have tweeted at the company in recent weeks to voice their complaints:

Amazon purchased the Austin-based grocery retailer back in June for an estimated $13.7bn.

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