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Nielsen expands UK YouTube measurement to mobile app


By Rebecca Stewart | Trends Editor

January 17, 2018 | 3 min read

Nielsen is to start measuring the performance of ads served to users of YouTube's mobile app in the UK, France and Germany.

Image of YouTube mobile app icon

Nielsen ​Digital ​Ad ​Ratings ​clients ​will ​have ​access ​to ​age ​and ​gender ​demographics

The move will expand YouTube's subscription to the measurement firm's Digital Ad Ratings service beyond its mobile and desktop browser services, giving marketers access to cross-device insights.

Nielsen ​Digital ​Ad ​Ratings ​clients ​will ​have ​access ​to ​age ​and ​gender ​demographics for ​consumers ​viewing ​ads ​on ​the ​YouTube ​mobile ​app ​as ​well ​as ​reach, ​frequency ​and ​gross rating ​points ​(GRPs). ​

The deepening of YouTube's relationship with Nielsen follows on from the director general of the Institute Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), Paul Bainsfair, last year urging both Google and Facebook to take "urgent" action in addressing issues around measurement, brand safety and viewability.

YouTube already has existing deals with Nielsen around its apps in countries like the US, Canada and Japan, with further expansion into international markets planned.

“As ​more ​people ​watch ​video ​across ​digital ​platforms ​and ​devices, ​Nielsen’s ​comprehensive measurement ​of ​YouTube ​through ​Digital ​Ad ​Ratings ​is ​crucial ​to ​provide ​a ​complete ​picture ​of media ​consumption, ​especially ​since ​YouTube ​accounts ​for ​a ​large ​share ​of ​mobile ​video ​advertising in ​the UK.” ​said Barney Farmer, ​Nielsen's UK commercial director. ​

“We ​are ​proud ​to ​be ​able ​to ​provide ​the ​market ​with ​an independent ​view ​of ​the ​audience ​for ​advertising ​on ​YouTube ​in ​context ​of ​the ​wider ​viewing landscape.”

In September 2017, YouTube updated how it works with partners like Oracle and Nielsen in the US, announcing a deeper integration to allow marketers to measure the offline sales impact of YouTube campaigns.

Technology Youtube Nielsen

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