UK Top Shazamed Ads: Suzuki enjoys the ride into second place

The Drum's Shazam chart is based on the number of times each ad has been Shazamed over the past week using the music identification app.

Haven Holidays' 'A Breath of Fresh Air' still dominates the chart this week but five ads have stormed in, including Suzuki's 'Enjoy the Ride'.

The playful ad follows the new range of vehicles, the Ignis, Swift, and Vitara, around a bumper car circuit, showcasing various abilities on the show ride to Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era's 'Far Out'. has pushed its way in at ninth. The short video details an arduous commute for a young woman. It must be love, as she narrowly avoids many obstacles like a newsstand and rubbish bins, all to make it into work.

Shazam Chart