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How will the Next Generation Technology reinvent your Marketing

Mapp Digital - The Next Generation Marketing Technology

Marketing technology is a big thing today, and it’s growing – fast. Chief marketing officers are investing ever more money in it, and even, as Gartner predicted a few short years ago, will soon spend more on technology than CIOs.

Such next-gen tech is game-changer for brands because it can deliver personalised and orchestrated engagement – at scale and across all channels. Previously such an ambition would have been expensive, unwieldly and overwhelmingly manual, but today’s technology can deliver consistent messaging and experience to every single customer interaction at every touch point, all from one place.

The Drum teamed up with Mapp Digital, to explain why this matters and how it works.

This report explores how brands can leverage their data to drive the marketing agenda and create personalised experiences through using advanced technologies. It also examines common barriers to delivering customer engagement such as silos, the digital knowledge gap, and technology integration.

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